7 Mins in Heaven :) ~ Ouran High School Host Club

7 Mins in Heaven :) ~ Ouran High School Host Club

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Sandra Fulper By SandraFulper Updated Oct 21, 2015

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You walk in to the host club, see you are a family member of the Fujioka. So you kinda know some of the other host. You know that Tamaki Suoh is "the prince", and Kyoya Otori is "the vice", and the twins Hikaru and Kaoro Hitchiin are "evil but sexy twins", Honey Haninozuka is "the sweet one who loves sweets", and Mori Morinozuka is "the silent guy" and theres Haruhi :)

Tamaki: Hello ______ my princess!

You: Hello Tamaki.  You look at Tamaki and smile thinking to your self "oh Tamaki now i see why Haruhi likes, and wants to slap you sometimes haha :)"

Haruhi walks to you and gives you a big hug :)))

Haruhi: Welcome, how was you ride down?

You: It was fine, Im glad I get the chance to spend time with you and your friends :)

Haruhi leads you over to where all the other host were sitting, you see your fav host Kyoya. You've had a crush on him since you first met him, but you knew that he would never wanna be with yo...

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Thank you Kyoya, that is what everyone tells me, so I will believe you.
Precious1819 Precious1819 Jul 05, 2016
Anybody else think of that song I'll show you by Justin b. No okay
Ranpo-kun Ranpo-kun Feb 12
VAP, Bones, Funimation and so on. Is it sad that I didn't have to google that?
I'm sorry for talking at you but. IT IS SPELLED H-A-N-I!! See Hani
Ranpo-kun Ranpo-kun Feb 12
Not to be rude but I'm a super fan and it's Mitskuni Haninozuka and Takashi Morinozuka
gayllama8216 gayllama8216 Jul 21, 2016
I'm sitting here with my rainbow flag like UMMMMM IM GAY 🌈🌈🌈🌈