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Nigmus Online (#Wattys2016)

Nigmus Online (#Wattys2016)

110K Reads 1.3K Votes 11 Part Story
NefariousAuthor By NoahBarnett6 Updated Apr 24

Fair Warning - I have unpublished all but 10 chapters of the novel because of KDP select.  If you still give the book a try and like it check out the amazon link below.  In the future, i may consider a patreon account.
  Virtual Dive technology is coming out of the workplace and into homes.  Nigmus Online is the first MMO to use this new device.  The only caveat to the game; there is no manual.  The only instruction the player gets is how to interact with the user interface.  That's it.  Nobody is going to hold their hand or give out rare items.  Players begin life as a level zero commoner.  Its entirely up to them what class they become.  Explore a world that spans five continents.  
    ~Story Summary~
    Liam is tricked into trying an expensive and innovative online MMO.  On his first trip into the game he stumbles upon a hidden class.  The Undead Necromancer.  Intrigued by this turn in events he continues to explore this mysterious world.
    In another part of the country Kathrine(Kat) suffers from a debilitating and paralyzing disease.  Taking part in an experimental research could offer her a new lease on life (of a sort).
    Even further afield Russia and China are undergoing a massive spike in suicide rate.  What could be causing so many young adults to dire ends?
    ~Authors Note~
    Broke into the top 10!  I am so excited by this development.  Honestly didn't think the story would be this well received.
  Amazon Link, because ya know.  The physical book can also be bought with the following link.

You'll be one of us. One of us! One of us! Gooble gobble! Gooble gobble!
- - Sep 24, 2016
Very clean sentences! It makes the action easy to follow, especially when a lot of activity is unfolding. 
                              I was hoping to find some writing that incorporates gaming themes (I only joined Wattpad a few days ago), and so far there seems like a decent array to chose from, this one included!
I bet I still prefer diesel my self now that's how an engine sounds
Mitrhe Mitrhe Feb 14
I dont think this chapter updated properly, there are several repeat sentances, and a lot of cut-off ones. Given how the book was fine before updating, I think wattpad freaked out.
CharlieFrosteby CharlieFrosteby Oct 17, 2016
I love this book so much Noah that im gonna read it again ❤
Mitrhe Mitrhe Oct 09, 2016
"Join Me, and together, we can rule the GAHHHH--" Sorry, I think my thumbs almost typed something they shouldn't have... Carry on!