My Relationship With A Mafia | ✔

My Relationship With A Mafia | ✔

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Hi, my name is Diamond, I am lonely, smart and I think pretty. I get up every morning wanting to kill myself, because I let my dad kill my mom and dad kill him self. He left me alone. I live at home alone. I go to clubs and drink a lot to get my mind off my mom and my dad. But I get Kidnapped by a Mafia.

My Name is Leonardo Di Stefano, the boss of the Italian mafia, I don't give a shit about anything. I see a girl that I want but dont know why. It's something about her that is attracting to me. I get what I want and nobody could stop me. I will kill you if you try or touch her. 

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No offense ,but from the story info it screams rookie. I hope this doesn't ruin your wattpad experience.You can only get better.😇
No offense,but from your profile you scream rookie. If you have somethong mean to say think about it keep it to yourself,i guess your not that smart
I remember I got a msg saying " can't wait to see u tomorrow, wear something sexy" and I'm just like wtf who is this 😂😂
MelodyPoet MelodyPoet Nov 07
The me from my childhood would die of laughter at this typo omg 😂😂😂
Wow. The best way to get a girl. Compliment her then tell her she's taking a crap. Real smooth.
Mna1412 Mna1412 Jul 30
I was Laughing so hard when i Read the introduction  😂😂