Overwatch RP! [CLOSED]

Overwatch RP! [CLOSED]

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「Myth Breaker」 By WaffleCake00 Updated Oct 15, 2016



Admit it! You saw it coming.

It's time! XD


Anyways... Feel free to join! I'm bored 24/7 so yeh!

The first few parts revolve around my OC's Story! X3

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SpacialNocturne SpacialNocturne Aug 29, 2016
L'cie walked around with a smile looking at all the sites and for haruka when walked up to the temple
Dylan4Lifez Dylan4Lifez Jul 04, 2016
(Yay haven't been able to rp in a while Guedes I'll start)
                              "Interesting well I better get going" (grabs knives and skillet)
burninglilly burninglilly Aug 27, 2016
Echo walked around Japan holding a box of sushi thinking about what to do when she got back to overwatch. She then accidentally bumped into Haruka, " OH! Oh. I'm sorry for that… Haruka??? "
Speedor128 Speedor128 Nov 17, 2016
Ryan Wilscon
                              Sheaths, Overcoat, Blue goggles, Black hair
                              Caring, Humorous, avenging
                              Tracer Genji(sorry) Winston(main ones)
                              No crush
                              Trained to be an assassin but escaped at 17 and joined Overwatch
                              Weapons are Swords, duel pistols, no powers
                              Ult is quick swordfighting
                              Human Race
dragongodprince dragongodprince Jun 22, 2016
" Work is work. Time to take care of business." I grab my katana and start walking.
the-wife-of-Germany the-wife-of-Germany Aug 29, 2016
Lauren walked around the streets with her omnic eye looking for her heat signature "I just came here to visit friends, I can never get a break." she sighed still looking