Disney world is just a human trap set up by a mouse. 

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The shoe was made out of glass and she was running down stairs so if she was sweeting at all it probably slipped off.
The prince put tar on the stairs. The ball was three nights and she ran away the first two, so he was like "Yo, I know what'll keep her here"
You see, it was a glass slipper. Her feet could have been sweaty and while she was running, it slipped right off. Or maybe she stepped weird while running
The funny thing is this is actually v true. Also 200th comment, sorry I had to..
....ever heard of Abandoned By Disney....
                              And a bunch of accidents and deaths have occurred there so...yeah it makes sense...
Because there's no straps on it to hold her foot down while she's walking. You know how when you wear flats that fit you just right, but they slip off a lot? Well, yeah, that's Cinderella's shoe. Plus the fact that she's running down stairs, so..