aesthetics » [ completed ]

aesthetics » [ completed ]

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Just a little book of random aesthetics I made. 

[ REQUESTS- if you want to request, post it on Deux or message me. IF YOU POST IT ON THIS BOOK, I WILL NOT SEE IT OR RESPOND TO IT ]

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All pictures used in the aesthetics/covers aren't mine unless stated.

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rusty_boi rusty_boi May 19, 2017
Mood/colour: yellow
                              Theme:soft and calm
                              Face claim: dodie Clark (doddleoddle)
                              Fandom: doddleoddle
                              Quotes: how are your lungs? Are they in pain
Atlantiica Atlantiica Apr 24, 2017
color/mood: pastel blue and white, maybe light green, 
                              theme: bad girl
                              face claim: idk what this means, if you could add a picture or francesca reale?
                              quotes: idk anything relating to love
Mood / color: silver
                              Theme : wedding 
                              Face claim: Alex karev
                              Quote: “sometimes I look at you and I wonder how I got to be so damn lucky” 
                              Fandom: greys anatomy
neptooonz neptooonz Dec 05, 2017
Mood/colour: green or light grey
                              Theme: outdoors, friends
                              Face claim: Bill Denbrough (2017)
                              Quote: "he thrusts his fists against the posts but still insists he sees the ghosts"
                              Fandom: It 2017
- - May 06, 2017
Mood/color: pastel
                              Theme: kawaii
                              Faceclaim: none
                              Quotes: am I really just a rat? Do I look like a rat to you?
                              Fandom: Tokyo ghoul 
                              Arigato (╹◡╹)♡
ThePhandomUnleashed ThePhandomUnleashed Oct 08, 2017
Mood/colour :  black  depressing 
                              Theme: a  forest at night 
                              Face claim : Arryn Zech 
                              Quotes:There's too much wrong in this world to just stand by and do nothing. Inequality, corruption... Someone has to stop it.
                              Fandom: Rwby