aesthetics » [ completed ]

aesthetics » [ completed ]

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Padawan H. By TheDaughterOfLoki Completed


Just a little book of random aesthetics I made. 

// I also do covers so comment/message me about them //

All pictures used in the aesthetics/covers aren't mine unless stated.

Mood/colour: yellow
                              Theme:soft and calm
                              Face claim: dodie Clark (doddleoddle)
                              Fandom: doddleoddle
                              Quotes: how are your lungs? Are they in pain
Atlantiica Atlantiica Apr 24
color/mood: pastel blue and white, maybe light green, 
                              theme: bad girl
                              face claim: idk what this means, if you could add a picture or francesca reale?
                              quotes: idk anything relating to love
- - May 06
Mood/color: pastel
                              Theme: kawaii
                              Faceclaim: none
                              Quotes: am I really just a rat? Do I look like a rat to you?
                              Fandom: Tokyo ghoul 
                              Arigato (╹◡╹)♡
Mood/color; dark, mysterious 
                              Theme: something bright like snow
                              Faceclaim; Liza kosher 
                              Quote; " you don't know me"
                              Fandom; teen wolf.
mouthingoff mouthingoff May 26
mood : pastel
                              theme : cute
                              face claim : nicki minaj, pink hair if you could
                              quote : what the f.uck is this b.itch inhalin'?
                              fandom : idk man
unheolys unheolys Jul 20
Mood/Colour: Mysterious, Dark, Purple
                              Theme: Batman
                              Face Claim: Chloe Howl
                              Quotes: Erase all the pain till it's gone 
                              Fandom: DC Comics