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Young Secrets

Young Secrets

50.4K Reads 2.8K Votes 22 Part Story
-Le Wattpad Corner- By MoonWolf2002 Completed

Started: June 13, 2016
      Finished: October 6, 2016
      The League never had sidekicks and thinks children don't belong in the world of crime.
        Batman, The Flash and BlackCanary get captured by Harley Quinn and Joker. After being saved by a group of children, the Justice League decides to get some awnsers from the mysterious group.
        But what happens when they find out more then they wanted? And who is that former assassin?

SmolBeanNightWing SmolBeanNightWing Dec 19, 2016
I read that wrong and thought she said "I feel LIKE Robin in a cage" and I was like "Wow what's that suppose to mean"
Booky_The_Worm Booky_The_Worm Nov 12, 2016
Meanwhile Batman:
                              Batman:Omgomgomg looki these innocent orphans, yes yes, adopt you, adopt you, and you, OH and YOU!!! 
                              All Robins/Adopted Orphans except Damien:GRANDPA
                              Alfred: (/T^T\)
cartoonsarelife cartoonsarelife Sep 18, 2016
I've had this in my library for ages WHY DIDN'T I READ IT BEFORE!? IT'S SO GOOD
tieyourshoelays tieyourshoelays Aug 30, 2016
I can only imagine him squealing "Eeeeek!!!!" Like an anime girl xD
rorierickrode rorierickrode Dec 29, 2016
Canary  don't go there its called the abyss of angry fangirls
Queeniecupcake Queeniecupcake Oct 05, 2016
Wouldn't you feel like a canary in a bird cage. Oh well. Hey if we stuck her in a pear tree will she feel like a partridge?