Their Slave (Les Twin Fanfic)

Their Slave (Les Twin Fanfic)

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Phoenix By BlvckAngel21 Updated Nov 25, 2016

Laurent's POV

"Look man I-I don't have your m-money, j-just pl-please let me g-go!" Jeremiah owed us some money and hasn't paid it back. Right now he was tied up with a bullet in his shoulder 

I tilted my head to the side smirking. 
"We've given you three extensions. Now I'm tired of waiting. So find something of worth or suffer consequences." I said looking around his house. Larry was searching upstairs.

Picking up a picture of him what looked like his girlfriend. She had short curly dyed blue hair, brown skin, a nose piercing and tattoos running up her right arm. She was slim but her thighs were rather thick. "This yours?" I said pointing at her. He nodded whimpering in pain. "She's beautiful man." A devilish smile casted across my face.

"Larry! I found something!" I yelled. Larry ran down the stairs. I showed him the girl. His eyes lit up catching on to what I was hinting at. 

"I don't get how that,' Larry said pointing at Jeremiah, "Could get this." He said pointing back at he...

LourdesOlivier LourdesOlivier Jul 15, 2016
Well then let the fun begin! I wish i was their sex slave😂😂 i would never disobey😂😂