Ask And Dare Chara And Frisk! (Discontinued)

Ask And Dare Chara And Frisk! (Discontinued)

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s̸i̸g̸h̸ By BasicGlitch_ Updated Nov 08, 2016

Chara: Read the title. What more info do you need....

Frisk: *punches Chara's shoulder*

Chara: ow!

Frisk: what Chara is trying to say is to have fun with this!

Chara: that's not wh-


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Hiya! I'm Jasmine, I'm new to the underground, and I'm here with my ghost friends! There just shy, CoMe On OuT FRIENDS! * giggles *
                              There's Happy, he's a happy fellow, Anger, Death, SadNESS, and Drown!
cianacrash cianacrash Aug 19, 2016
                              *in the background someone screams*
SpikeandFoxy SpikeandFoxy Jun 13, 2016
OK I just wanted to say Chara you are my favorite person and which would you prefer  knives or swords?
TicciTobysSideChick TicciTobysSideChick Jun 13, 2016
So Chara, would you rather not have chocolate for a year or not kill anyone for a year?
                              And Frisk, can I have a hug? :3
xXAni-YahXx xXAni-YahXx Jun 13, 2016
Are you together? >:3 (I'm shipping trash so expect my first dares as shipping stuff before randomness X3)