Tracob vs Tronnor

Tracob vs Tronnor

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SivansBlade By SivansBlade Updated Oct 08, 2016

"Troye you have to choose. It's me or him."

"But.. But you're both my friends. You know I can't choose, why make me do this?"

"Troye. I'll say it one more time. It's me or him"

marygbright marygbright Oct 09, 2016
1) Max is a douche 2) he probably playin With Con 3) I think he deserves to be mad (or maybe I'm just a too hardcore Tracob shipper)
DamagedHipsterDreams DamagedHipsterDreams Oct 23, 2016
But literally me when my best friend became besties with my bully and her ex bully but um that friendship ended so quickly and she came crawling back o me apologising. So. :)
Grethanflowers Grethanflowers Aug 31, 2016
Um if Troye is ugly don't think you know the definition of ugly.
DamagedHipsterDreams DamagedHipsterDreams Oct 23, 2016
I'm a tracob shipper so I'm worried never shipped tronnor though cause I just couldn't see it happening. No hate though
-cityskies -cityskies Jul 19, 2016
Legit all I thought was "Trouty Mouth" when he said ugly mouth. Omfg nostalgia rn
GenVal2302 GenVal2302 Sep 01, 2016
Jacob sweetie, your cute and all but WTF TROYE UGLY? ARE U OK?