It all Started at the Beach. (Ryan x Reader)

It all Started at the Beach. (Ryan x Reader)

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Ashley <3 By 1_Ashley_8 Updated Oct 17, 2016

This is a Ryan x Reader story.

Y/N and her best friend (BFF/N) are on vacation at the beach.  They are in the ocean when they see four cute guys walking down the beach. Not even thinking that they have a chance with them Y/N and BFF/N just shrug it off and continue with their day.

Later on that night, around 11:30 p.m. to be exact, Y/n and BFF/n are in their condominium blaring Blink-182, singing at the top of their lungs, and not giving a care in the world who heard them.

After about an hour of rocking out, Let it go from Frozen came on.  Y/N and BFF/N starting screaming the lyrics off the balcony. As the song got to the chorus the screamed as loud as they could, however, they heard other voices nearby singing along....

beauty_within7 beauty_within7 Jun 14, 2016
I really love the way you write!! Very nice and neat!! One thing I'd instead of saying "No P.O.V", you could maybe say "Third Person P.O.V", but I guess it probably doesn't sound right, but other then that everything is perfect!
Fullmetalshortie Fullmetalshortie Jul 25, 2016
algalion algalion Sep 11, 2016
My best friend is a gay  guy sure I just replaced female words  with male  words