Fake Girlfriend?!

Fake Girlfriend?!

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an awkward person By VionaEka5 Completed

Adrien Agreste, the school flirt, likes to flirting with any girls he met. But he never dating or fall in love with anyone, yet.

One day, Chloe Burgouis, trying to date him. But Adrien doesn't want, he tries to find an excuse! So he kissed the girl in front of his eyes, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and claim her as his girlfriend.

A/N :
The cover edited by me, but the fanart is not mine.
The show and the character is not mine.

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eve_j_agirl eve_j_agirl Oct 01, 2016
I feel like Chloe is me right know. Won't stop trying until he's taken
KittyGuin KittyGuin Nov 13, 2016
God adrien way to start a relationship you ass*roles eyes but desperately keeps reading*
jnate101 jnate101 Dec 20, 2016
Is this Burger King because I'm Avenir my way all the way OK
Emerald_Heart12 Emerald_Heart12 2 days ago
eve_j_agirl eve_j_agirl Oct 01, 2016
Excuse me! Mari is not something that you can just claim as yours! Treat her with class you banana peel lookin' cat.
Axyfx8921 Axyfx8921 Dec 08, 2016
Now thats a really good way to start Adrien , good job!*says sarcastically*