If only it had happened

If only it had happened

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Daddy_Dice By Thetrillestlesbian Updated Aug 21, 2016

Me and hayley was eating breakfast like we usual do every morning after our morning routine's.

But today will be different then our regular morning's.

I had just got up to throw my trash away after eating breakfast,I went over to hayley kissing her cheek.

"That breakfast was good baby but I have something else in mind" I said whispering in her ear.

She turned her head slightly raising her one of her eyebrow's.

"Like what Renee?" hayley asked.

I started rubbing her shoulder's slowly adding more pressure.

"Mmmm that feel's nice" hayley said.

I smirked knowing for a fact my plan was working.

I slide my finger's underneath her dress shirt about to message her arm's.

"Baby you know i have to go to work" hayley said relaxing her body for me.

"Yes I know but you can be late" I said while unbuttoning her dress shirt one by one.

when I finally got it off I sat it on the table.

"If I be late again because of you renee my boss will be upset this will be the third time in a row" hayle...

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Moneybeefinessin Moneybeefinessin Aug 07, 2016
This not slave days sis u not masta & she not Harriet Tubman lmfaoo
Moneybeefinessin Moneybeefinessin Aug 07, 2016
I would go in there just to watch & sip my tea have my mug right there & got me a good view lmfaoo
- - Jun 15, 2016
I love love love love this story 😍💦💦😂😂 got me feeling some type of way
KimmyP88 KimmyP88 Jun 15, 2016
hell naw damn it i need more no more cliff hangers talking about if only it happen that way tf you mean did it happen or not bm i need answers not now but RIGHT NOW😐😐
- - Jun 29, 2016
Okay so my theory is Renee is interested in doing these activities with these women or maybe she did actually do these activities with these women but the outcome wasn't what she truly desired it to be.. TELL ME I'M RIGHT 😉