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Catch That FOX

Catch That FOX

764 Reads 18 Votes 4 Part Story
Robin&Nick By LadyBlueBird Updated Dec 31, 2010

Since she was a kid Amelia knew she wanted to be a detective and was taught by the best – her father. Soon at the age of 12 his mysterious passing fuelled her desire to find out what happened. Now a 15 year old Amelia still too young and still in school, with the help of her father’s best friend practices solving minor crimes on paper...not so fun. However when the police department is humiliated by the mysterious ‘FOX’ who requests for Amelia, she starts playing his game of cat and mouse. The question is who is he? Has Amelia met her match? Can she catch the FOX? And can she avoid falling in love?

Loraphine Loraphine Jan 07, 2011
<3 I am striving to enjoy the newly birthed anuum. I hope you are as well. 
                              Yay, for more of your ink *-*
                              I shall check back in a few days time.
                              No pressure.
                              Well, no *heavy* pressure. Maybe just the light variety pressure *-^
LadyBlueBird LadyBlueBird Dec 31, 2010
@Loraphine when I narrate I feel magical. It's nice to see that it is felt :) thankyou so much...small things such as a comment or vote really save a story or bring a smile to the writer's face. After all, we write because we love to share and refusing a gift hurts the giver.
LadyBlueBird LadyBlueBird Dec 31, 2010
@Loraphine haha I think you just brought this story to life with your encouragement :P after this boost of happiness I wrote 2 new parts. :D enjoy the new year 'loverrrly' xoxo
Loraphine Loraphine Dec 31, 2010
I usually dislike narration, but your narrative voice is excellent. Reading the intro, and the touch at the end, brought to mind whimsical stories, even filmed tales like episodes of 'Pushing Daisies'. Quite magical.
Loraphine Loraphine Dec 31, 2010
Thou art fabulous. This is amazing. Voted/Archived/Sighed with joy. More, please.