silence ; jyler

silence ; jyler

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elizabeth By chilldianne Updated Dec 10, 2016

in which a girl with nightmare disorder meets a boy with an overused but true term, depression.


as I walked in all I saw was dream catchers, there wasn't a place on the ceiling or wall that didn't have a dream catcher. 

that's when I really knew, how much she struggles during the night. 

that's when I hugged her and told her I'm sorry. 

that's when I realized how much I needed her. 

that's when I found out, just how much I love Jenna.

milkmanz- milkmanz- Sep 30, 2016
same I hate sleeping I'm exactly like Jenna (exept I don't scream at night) but I have the most vivid, terrifying nightmares almost every nights.
skeIetonfren skeIetonfren Oct 28, 2016
Well I mean there are some other activities that grant screaming as a good thing
Fangurk Fangurk Nov 06, 2016
I love sleeping, Cuz then Im not thinking. Basically I feel car radio tells my life
i dont like sleeping cuz its just another chance to consider suicide and iknow i cant commit suicide cuz im the oldest and everyone relies on me but thats why i want to becuase i dont like al the wieght on my shouldrs ands its awufl please messag me i need hlp
ThatLocalDreamer ThatLocalDreamer Sep 26, 2016
theemotionalpilots21 theemotionalpilots21 Nov 04, 2016
I THOUGHT THIS WAS JOSHLER/JYLER AAAGHHH i'm kidding i like the plotline