The Human Condition

The Human Condition

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Jenni. By ellarose12 Completed

They say it's the one thing that will save us, that our humanity is the one thing that separates us from them. But I'm not so sure anymore.

In 1999 the vampires stopped hiding amongst us. Our fascination with the supernatural was growing and they were welcomed into a world that had only ever feared them based on ancient fables, Hollywood horror movies and best selling novels. 

It wasn't the millennium bug we had expected, but life did change as the clock ticked over into a new year and it was never the same again.


Lucy Dames knew better than to go out after dark. Vampires were no longer a creature of fantasy, accepted as part of everyday life - they were just as alive as the next person. With a new racial division in society she was torn as to which side to stand on, knowing humans were just as cruel as vampires could be human.

None of it could prepare her for the issue of the vampire mark she has on her wrist and three years later it's time to find out just what it wants with Lucy and more importantly will she come out of it alive?

*contains swearing, adult themes and violence*

[ this is a first draft and requires editing ]
© 2013 ellarose12

  • dystopia
  • evil
  • family
  • humanity
  • incubus
  • love
  • romance
  • survive
  • trust
  • vampire
  • war
  • werewolf
Tvlover2014 Tvlover2014 Apr 15, 2017
Woah.  A match between a human and vampire. Things. Are. Going. To. Get crazy up in here.
lalalandeh lalalandeh Feb 14, 2016
So would their be plane flights them? Cuz some flights take more than 12 hours. So no sun out
icecreamgirl7 icecreamgirl7 May 29, 2014
On the cover is that angel (buffy and angel) or booth from another series (bones)???
nurse2 nurse2 Sep 02, 2013
No no cliché at all. I gaveup watching true blood a while ago and from what I remember this is nothing like tha. Its flowing really well and im hooked already! !!
nurse2 nurse2 Sep 01, 2013
what an intriguing opening for a novel... extremely excited to read the next part!!!!!!
writer_girly13 writer_girly13 Aug 12, 2013
Omg this is so unique! I love your writing style! Its awesome keep it up(: