Behind The Mask ⋙ KAKANARU

Behind The Mask ⋙ KAKANARU

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★Kamone-Hime★ By KAMONE-HIME Updated Oct 11

What if Naruto was secretly a girl?


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myew42 myew42 Jun 16
The irony is that he said exactly what his teammates are going to be as if he knows we are reading and wants us to laugh.
                              Like he's thinking 'oh there are people reading might as well try and make them laugh😃'
Yeah, you know how people don't say things that will jinx them? Naruto needs to have a little bit more sense
probably-insane probably-insane Nov 26, 2016
*grabs marshmallow fluff* *grabs spoon* *takes off lid*
                              I'm ready.
Why does everybody say the exact line of what they are going to be. It no make sense