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It's been a year since anyone's heard of the infamous Horsemen's whereabouts after their great stunt pulled off in New York City. After showering their final audience with feign dollar bills and holographically jumping off of a rooftop, the Horsemen remained a mystery to the world--until now.

When their comeback performance is interrupted by an anonymous individual who reveals all of the Horsemen's secrets, they have no choice but to flee. Sliding down a tube in New York City, they land all the way in Macau, China, captured by a spoiled technology prodigy who forces them to steal a data-mining device for his own gain.

For Kate Sherman, it's been almost a year since she's seen the Horsemen after leaving for her own unknown reasons. As she agrees to join the Horsemen in one more scheme, she has to work alongside people she thought she would never see again, including a boy who she had once promised to never leave behind.

daddys_d0ll daddys_d0ll Jul 08, 2016
I was thinking, since Lula and jack have a thing in the movie, maybe in the book Daniel and Lula could have a thing. You know, to switch it up. Lmaoo idk I'm just thinking how interesting the story would get.
Erinwantstobattle Erinwantstobattle Jul 08, 2016
This gave me life!! After I saw NYSM 2 I died and went to heaven and came back to life, so I'm super excited to see your rendition of it :)