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Dan Howell imagines (((REQUESTS CLOSED)))

Dan Howell imagines (((REQUESTS CLOSED)))

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— mia By ashleyfrxngipane Updated Feb 15

in which you, the socially awkward fangirl reads these short stories to forget about how lonely you are

Cutiepie_Phan4eva Cutiepie_Phan4eva Aug 29, 2016
That is not how I am when Dan winks!! When Daniel winks, this is how I am:
                              OMFG!! GTFO!! I NEED YOU INSIDE ME DAMMIT!! 
                              And then there is:
                              Um hi...this may sound weird but can I have a little of your sperm??
smolphantrashbro69 smolphantrashbro69 Dec 26, 2016
I'm just falling in love for no apparent reason. I've been reading lots of these and I still have the same feeling. I ship us😂
and my boyfriend cant even afford a fuckin t-shirt
                              lol jk i'm forever alone
philsexual philsexual Sep 22, 2016
Oh my god oh my Lord oh my god so I was in science today and my teacher pointed to me and he said "Ava was the only one that helped me with the laptops last night or I mean I mean yesterday."And then everyone was like Ooo "Ava and Mr.koz" "did you have fun last night"OML I blushed so much
QueenHalcyone QueenHalcyone Dec 11, 2016
~when your soulmate just happens to have an extra plane ticket to the place you're both going~ 😁