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The Track

The Track

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YadesKBP By YadesKBP Updated Jan 14, 2014

Rory and Zander have been best friends since the third grade.  They've shed both tears and blood and forged a bond that has endured ten years.  But Zander isn't just any best friend, he's a professional Motocross Rider.  When they realize their feelings towards each other, they're forced to make a decision that could affect them both on and off The Track.

YadesKBP YadesKBP Apr 19, 2012
@CodyMason21 Thanks, it's probably because I'm such a slow uploader.
CallaCDFG CallaCDFG Jul 21, 2011
so cute XD   I love it. Voted, became a fan!!! A friend of mine has a story as well so if you won't mind reading...  it's just a chapter long because she uploaded yesterday but it gets better. Thanks!!! <3
ImOnlyMeXoXo ImOnlyMeXoXo Apr 20, 2011
Racing is one of my favorite things to do .. this is cute ( : liked it alot .
YadesKBP YadesKBP Jan 05, 2011
in this, they're eight years old, read on and the blanks will get filled in =)
pemmas pemmas Jan 04, 2011
sososossosososososososo short, but love it regardless....thats adorable...but how old are they??
anakelia anakelia Jan 04, 2011
:D ... motorcross.. I love the bikes. this is def a new twist on the best friedn love theme.