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Hiccstrid: Don't Let Her Go

Hiccstrid: Don't Let Her Go

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Queen Skyler By XxPinkSkyxX2 Completed

{Hiccstrid Modern AU}

"Whatever, Asterella." Hiccup said and started standing up.

Astrid huffed. "What's with you and giving me nicknames?!" She exclaimed, throwing her hands in the air for a bit.

"Geez, it's just for fun." Hiccup asked as Astrid rolled her eyes and crossed her arms. Once she saw him take a step to her, she looked away. "Why? You want me to keep it at m'lady? Is that why you're pouting, big baby boo?" He said, smirking.

Astrid sighed in frustration and went to punch his shoulder. However, Hiccup took a couple steps back since Astrid was still sitting on his motorcycle, she couldn't reach him.

"I hate you so much, you know?" Astrid said and poked her tounge at him. Hiccup just stared at her continue to poke her tounge at him, while giving him the stink eye.

Hiccup rose a brow then shrugged his shoulders. He leaned down to meet Astrid's sitting height-which Astrid found annoying since she was shorter than him even if she was standing up.

Without warning, Hiccup poked his tounge out and then purposely leaned over to her face. Astrid felt lighting hit her head when she and Hiccup's tounges touched.


Avery Astrid Hofferson, as a 17 year old, is at her second semester of her 12th high school year. Astrid never wanted to go to college since she wanted to get a normal job instead, to help her family at the farm.

Other than that, Astrid is known to be a shieldmaiden to the core. No boy was worthy enough for her, and she didn't care since she's never shown interest to anyone.

Well, until he came.


Hayden Hiccup Haddock is an 18 year old that is one of the most famous celebrities around the world. He's talented, charming, hot, and was a major badboy. 

Hiccup is known ALL over the world. He's a singer, song-writer, dancer, and an actor. He's famous everywhere!

But how would he react once he gets accidentally stuck in a place where no one has no clue who he is?



fveroni fveroni Mar 08
I just imagined a dancing Huccup and it just made my day😂😂💕
KitKattKittt2349 KitKattKittt2349 Sep 01, 2016
                              It's the exact same as my time-zone!
                              I have never met another Author from Australia on Wattpad! 😫
FearlessXAstrid FearlessXAstrid Dec 16, 2016
Elena Giggles???? 
                              *wipes eyes from laughing so hard I got tears*
hiccstrid127 hiccstrid127 Dec 11, 2016
This is insane. Hiccup's got a butler with an attitude, only one arm and one leg.
xoSukebu3xoKoko xoSukebu3xoKoko Oct 15, 2016
                              UR DEAD MEAT HICCUP.. 👊👊😎
HiccstridLover2209 HiccstridLover2209 Sep 01, 2016
Yas Honeyyy.Another Hiccstrid book by you.I love your books.Especially the one shots.Good Luck on your beggining <3