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'Why do you have to be so difficult all the time? Can't you let me live in peace?'Kinston shouted at Amanda who looked down realizing all that had changed in her life. She had lost her love. And losing Kinston was like losing the whole world to her.  Well, that's her weakness. She has been crying, she has been waiting and she has been patient. But she's got nothing. Loving Kinston is the biggest treasure of her life and at the same time, it's her biggest mistake also.
She tries to be happy although she's too hopeless until she meets the life changing tragedy. Kinston dies.......

Was it an accident? Or was it a murder?

Link to the trailer for this story: https://youtu.be/--WzB64FEjE

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uniique678 uniique678 Aug 22, 2016
Of course it's Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson 😍😍
Spark187 Spark187 Oct 14, 2016
This guy did seem a little rude after being away from his wife for so long. You would think he would have shown her more affection. I smell something fish going on.
Spark187 Spark187 Oct 14, 2016
@hannahhunts1217 Sorry if I offended you. It just seemed like it was from her Point of View. It was just a suggestion.
neon_lover neon_lover Sep 11, 2016
I love Indian singer Darshana raval! although I don't get Hindi lol
openfin3 openfin3 Aug 17, 2016
Love it, but what is she thinking? Show her FEAR, her ANXIETY, her EXCITEMENT!
CoffeeCharm CoffeeCharm Aug 26, 2016
Well damn. I would have hugged her or something. That response was rude. She could have waited but she was just happy to see you.