•They Broke Her• |On Hold|

•They Broke Her• |On Hold|

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•Aphmau Fnaf FF•
•Everynight she comes home in tears, bruises, cuts, and scratches. She slowly changed. Drained. Her personality. The joy in her eyes, and cheerfulness in her smile changed. Dull hazel orbs with no emotions accompanied with a fake smile. She blamed herself, and thought this was her punishment. They try to help, but she keeps shutting them out. Why. Why has she changed so dramatically. She's... Broken•

•She fakes a smile and says she's okay, but in reality she's barley made it through the day... She's broken, mentally and emotionally. Physically and metaphorically but everyday she walks outside with a smile on her face because that's who they think she really is. She thinks faking a smile is easier than explaining why she really is sad. She's sad but she can't cry... Someone might discover her smile is her disguise•

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•Disclaimer, All Characters Owned Aphmau And AwsomeDom•

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|On Hold for 1-3 Months due to lacking in school work|

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  • fnaf
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  • psychopathic
  • suspense
KatEkoS_ KatEkoS_ Jul 11, 2016
Duh Duh Duh Duh Duh. I'm lovin it xD Katemau or Garmau or Zane~Chan
luluachan luluachan Oct 29, 2016
I agree when I sad I cry in corner also like depressed potato
masonhalley masonhalley Jul 13, 2016
I only cry when I'm alone...
                              I don't like anyone watching me. I try not to show that much emotion in real life, because I don't want anyone to tease me anymore.
OnismOpalNebu OnismOpalNebu Jul 11, 2016
Zanemau. It already looks like its preparing to sail so why not?
MisticalMajesty MisticalMajesty Jul 23, 2016
Can ya updated again WHEN YOU CAN I MEAN this book is so good i can wait , just asking when ya can update
GalaxyXTheXPrincess GalaxyXTheXPrincess Oct 13, 2016
"Like a depressed potato"...DEPRESSED BUT AT THE SAME TIME CUTEE!!!