Secret Love~ Judy x Nick

Secret Love~ Judy x Nick

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*Sequel to "Stuck on you~ Judy x Nick"*

It has been 8 months since our two favorite police officers started dating, and about a year since they've been friends. Their relationship is slowly blossoming into more, but when they want to get serious, will their loved ones and friends support their relationship?

*Title inspired by the song: "Secret Love Song," By Little Mix.

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Ryn-Senpai Ryn-Senpai Apr 11, 2017
Bro they have like fifty thousand kids, you'd think they wouldn't care.
Square up little hippo hoe 😤😤😤 thinks he can mess with my ship, he's gonna get it
momokitty6 momokitty6 Apr 18, 2017
i dont have a boyfriend tho i do have multipul senpai and i am with one soooo THAT COUNTS HA I DO!!!!!
ravenclaweruditeowl ravenclaweruditeowl Jul 12, 2017
... It said in the last chapter that she already told them this... Didn't it?
momokitty6 momokitty6 Apr 18, 2017
this is just like a boy x boy people dont like it but when you enter septiplier YOU INTIRE MIND CHANGES LIKE F**** DUDE and you cant stop
Ryn-Senpai Ryn-Senpai Apr 11, 2017
Y would they care it's like.
                              Yeah mum da my boyfriend is Asian or Spanish or Any other race. Like seriously they shouldn't care who we love because it's us not them.