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My Dorky Jock (Markiplier x reader)

My Dorky Jock (Markiplier x reader)

22.1K Reads 749 Votes 11 Part Story
✘↬ℑα∂ℰℵ↫✘ By FaZeHuebert Completed

Y/n is a shy 19-year-old college student. She isn't the popular, party type of student. She keeps to herself and studies hard for her classes, but she's also a gamer girl. There are also gonna be other YouTubers in here too.

                              Mark: What is it friend?
                              Me: AHHH! HELP ME! *points at Mark*
                              Jack: What is it?
                              Me: He's "socializing" with me!
                              Mark: What's the matter with that?
                              Me: Im allergic to it!
                              Jack: *smacks my head*
                              Me: Ow!
Fanfic logic
                              You make friends with someone in 2 minutes all because you said I like gaming
*stumbles back and puts hand on heart with a surprised look* "Oh dear me, you hit me hard with your pun gun!"
alove1812 alove1812 Jan 11
And *super sexy deep voice* high fives all around! *WAPISH WAPISH*
nikkimiss nikkimiss Jan 07 socializing
Mhm... FIVE MORE MINUTES DAMMIT! *Slams alarm clock and throws over window*