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Just Me and Him (Under Editing)

Just Me and Him (Under Editing)

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Pretty_cute1125 By Pretty_cute1125 Completed

Ayesha is a 22-year-old practicing Muslimah studying  International Law in Canada. Ayesha is the girl that is told to be quiet and sit in the corner of the room. She is always reminded by her parents that the house she is living is not hers and her house will be the one she will be married into. Ayesha only wants her family to love her and if not that at least act like parents to her. Everything Ayesha's parents do is to show people it's not out of love. Her father is hardly home and her mom she is always commanding things for her to do. She doesn't share anything with her siblings because she knows they won't care. Every night she prays to god to help her find someone who will love her for who she truly is. 

Aayan is a 25-year-old Muslim. He lives in England and works with his dad in his company. He is a caring brother to his sister, brother, and bhabhi. His parents want him to get married. He wants a girl that is a practicing muslim and who will love him through everything. Aayan is constantly told by his brother that he is a romantic type of a guy. But when he is told that he is getting married to Ayesha he becomes mad. Ayesha is not the girl he had in mind to get married to.

Ayesha is afraid to show her emotions. she is scared if she shares her past one day he will use that against her and not love her. Aayan doesn't know if he should say yes to this marriage.  Keep reading if fate will keep them together

IGOT7_1998 IGOT7_1998 Feb 20
Her parent are just being so mean to her like do such parents even exist?.
zahraurooj zahraurooj Dec 26, 2016
amazing , inshallah i am going read all the chps !!!!!! #excited
Jahansikandarahmad Jahansikandarahmad Dec 09, 2016
I always check the name of hero first n if I like then  ma pr laye hoon warna nai prte 
                              N this is one of my fav name
Princessbreeze Princessbreeze Oct 30, 2016
For ur first time writing the chapter is very good .... The length of the chapter is also satisfying and u even described the scenes well
ReineDame ReineDame Aug 18, 2016
Honest opinion: Your idea and story is very nice Mashallah 💕💕💯 but you just need to watch out for the spelling errors and the way you structure your sentences :)
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Jan 21
Wow first so badly shouted ur daughter who has absolutely no fault and now continuing the conversation as if nothing happened!!