Underswap papyrus x reader

Underswap papyrus x reader

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wolfy_the_Uniwolf By wolfy_the_pirate Updated Jan 24

HOI! This my first us!papyrus x reader so do enjoy it, so good day reader-chan~! (=•w•=)

Cover by: me

Picture by: velka

Pinkflames3 Pinkflames3 Jul 13, 2016
I got bitten by a wild Paps... so does he just like the taste of human blood or..?
DeStuffs DeStuffs Nov 22, 2016
Robinthepegasus Robinthepegasus Nov 30, 2016
I read 
                              "Gays hurry up were almost there!"
                              And I was like WTF.
GamerQueen2002 GamerQueen2002 Jul 25, 2016
Me: ¬~¬ 
                              Papyrus: ·-· 
                              Me: You're supposed to confess first.
                              Papyrus: ;-;
TheGameGirl4 TheGameGirl4 Oct 17, 2016
"Sigh fine water"? I'm sorry but don't you mean "*sigh* fine, water"
CharaThePacfist CharaThePacfist Sep 24, 2016
Ivy: *stares at papyrus* hes a coward.
                              Papyrus: am not.
                              Ivy: you are, deal with it.
                              Ib/Me: wtf