Taking Over Me

Taking Over Me

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//g.a.// By GiaAlexiou Updated Mar 29

Skylar Scelua is the only survivor in the car accident. It killed three of her friends and at the moment of waking up in the hospital she finds out that another one, Ally York,  from the accident went in a coma. 

There are witnesses but no one came to confront what happen and because she is a dark lonely girl with a horrible life, people think she did the accident on purpose.

Living with her drug addict mother and the blur of her psychotic father who left her when she was a toddler is hard. 

But there's one problem...

Whenever Skylar goes to sleep her mind sends her into Ally's thoughts and she can hear what Ally is saying during her time in a coma. Stuff Ally has done over the years and things she has done to hurt Skylar. 

Stories that bring Skylar back to the past. 

Reasons that make Skylar lose her sanity mind...

BishDabb BishDabb Jun 13, 2016
Book is giving me life😩😩😩 update every two days or so please?💚
PheonixGirl13 PheonixGirl13 Jun 13, 2016
I got one question. When are you going to update again? I love the book already
anjly1999 anjly1999 Jun 14, 2016
Like it???? Im totaly in Love with this book...its so good.
                              ..the way u express the emotions is amazing...i can picture everything perfectly in my head😇😇
                              Keep Going...Waiting patiently for more☺
BellaKitten116 BellaKitten116 Jun 13, 2016
Love it already but the car accident did being up some bad memories... still love the book tho