Fighting Fate 🏗[Under Construction]🏗

Fighting Fate 🏗[Under Construction]🏗

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E. Marie By ElannaMarie Updated Sep 06

**Second book of Fighting Blind**

"Choose, Kei. Ryker or your kingdom?" I stared at the man before me stoically, calling him every vile name under the sun.

"You want me to choose?" I spoke slowly, deliberately as I watched Leon smile leisurely. 

"Of course. Save your kingdom, or save your mate. There's only one right choice, one road to Fate." I grimaced at that word.

"You're being awfully cliché, Leon. I thought you would be more creative than this." I bared my teeth in a smile, a frightening sight indeed. 

"Kei, stop kidding around and save your people, for goddess sake." Ryker roared from where he was imprisoned, and I only raised an eyebrow at his outburst. 

"Mate, you are my other half, part of my soul. How am I to rule if you're not by my side?" I asked him evenly, as if he already should have known my decision. His eyes widened when he started to catch on and he shook his head. 

"Kei, don't you dare." Giving him my signature smirk, I opened my mouth to make my choice.

R00SDB R00SDB Apr 19
But... but... it was a great book one of my faves and just nooooo
I loved your other book and I'm really sad for the las 10 chapters 😢😭
                              It a shame they tock your 10 chapters a way😞😭😢
wareCme wareCme Jun 23
You have to do what you have to do wishing you the best your great at it so you will succeed 😃. 😉. 😊
As long as its back up im fine with whatever you do, your an amazing author and i trust everything you do
It's okay. We'll wait...just don't take too long to edit it all👅👌😉