All of Me

All of Me

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Elyse Cass Hamilton By The-Dark-Mistress Completed

A little, short story I thought of. 

Severus Snape has been seeking lust ever since the love of his life, Lily Evans died. Her has always regretted falling in love with her because he knew from the beginning she'd never love him back. After all of the Golden Trio finally graduates Hermione Granger comes comes back to the school to find not only a broken and lustful man, but a man full of so much love for her that there's no way she could every return all of it. 

Follow Hermione Granger and Severus Snape in All of Me.

Dead_Account_816 Dead_Account_816 Jun 28, 2016
What, what the h*ll is this! You expect me to sing about her don't care about her!
Prongs211 Prongs211 Aug 29, 2016
                              My condolences??? Like....why did you feel the need to inform ME?
Prongs211 Prongs211 Aug 29, 2016
What the heck was she going to say? 
                              What repective name for a female starts with 'he'
LedSabbathQueenie LedSabbathQueenie Oct 02, 2016
Am I the only one who legit has never seen a beautiful russian woman? All russian women always look average.
Jill_Laufeyson Jill_Laufeyson Jun 20, 2016
The cover for this is........ Awesome to say the least... Where'd you find it???