Falling For History-Egypt *temporary on hiatus*

Falling For History-Egypt *temporary on hiatus*

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Kristia S. By XoKrisTeeAuhOx Updated Nov 29

"Sometimes you can fall hard for ancient history..."

Bree falls back through history of Egypt somehow. When she discovers she is part of the very first Dynasty of Egypt, she's plummeted into an unknown world of slaves, danger, and the unexplainable mystery of time itself.

She met many people who helped her along the way, a long lost soul, a few friends, and a love.

Torn between two of the biggest choices she has ever been faced with: Staying with Chisisi , an Egyptain prince, in the ancient times, or getting back to her home time in the present. But for the last choice, she'll have to do the unimaginable and the almost impossible.

To end a fate to restore balance to time, the Shadows of Time tells her. They told her the balance has been set off somehow by someone with the power to do so. In resolving in being holes in time for people like Bree to fall through and get lost in another time.

Bree will have to choose between these decisions. Even though, there is a dire consequence to both of the choices.

Which will she choose?

Yet another complication added onto Bree, is when a slave murderer has taken interest in the newly acquired woman slave of Prince Chisisi--who is Bree herself.

Will she get out of all of this alive to retell her tale? Or will she become one of the many ancient Egyptian artifacts?

Will you fall for the history in Egypt, alongside with Bree Cuttingham and Prince Chisisi of the First Dynasty?

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Alqurais Alqurais Feb 05, 2016
I thought it was cheeks like the the way French people "muah muah" to the sides idk if u guys get this 😑
agentsofanna agentsofanna Mar 30, 2013
Love the story! But, I feel like the first chapter was a bit... slow. Well, it's just my opinion. But, after the third chapter, I started loving it!
Hadeer11 Hadeer11 Feb 03, 2013
Amazing story but... Egypt is not just a dessert, u discribed it as its only sand there..
Laurss Laurss May 10, 2012
Love this so far! I feel connected to Bree's character already which is brilliant and I'm very curious to find out about Shadi. Not to mention the necklace that Bree recognized as being similiar to her own, perhaps it is her necklace from her trip back into ancient egypt? I wonder ;)
XoKrisTeeAuhOx XoKrisTeeAuhOx Nov 11, 2011
Got a picture manipulation of Chisisi and Bree! Have a look at how pretty they are together! ^_^
XoKrisTeeAuhOx XoKrisTeeAuhOx Nov 09, 2011
I'm gonna strike a deal with you, my beautiful readers. Comments for a update of this story from me. :D Keep me motivated to write and post more! I really enjoy the votes and comments! I'll try to update more often! ^_^