Soulmate (Islamic love story)

Soulmate (Islamic love story)

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muslimpricesses By Youngmuslimaah Updated Jun 24, 2016

" but bro , it very hard to get your type"! she speaks with a sad tone.

" no,my soulmate is  just playing hide and seek with me"!he replies making his sister smile.

" but don't worry, it's about time your sister in law stop playing hide and seek and tries to find me! insha'Allah we will tell her how terrible she is at hide  & seeks because I have been waiting for soo long and she still hasn't found me yet"! he replies with a laugh.

" I'm will make dua for your bro"!she replied with a smile.
"but ma I don't  to marry her "! he speaks with pain, he feel disappointed after looking for his soulmate for so long, he finally found her and now his  family is against it. 

"why"! she asks with curiosity 

" the reason because I have to to choose my own SOULMATE"! he replies with fear of disappointment

"I said no and that it"! she replies with disgust dragging him out of his thoughts.

" But why?" he ask , begging her to change her mind but even if he tries he won't be able to change her mind.

"the reason is  because ......"! she started to speak.
what happens when God(Allah) has destined people together?

Wharton happens when Faith has it own plan? 

What happens when two lovebirds cannot be together due to stature? 

what happens when True love and happiness only comes after marriage ?

Maria bint Mohamed is a very religious type, that believes that Allah has created a spouse especially  for her only. A partner who she will share her amazing stories about what happens in school and her shopping list. 

Omar bin Ibrahim is a very religious type  that believes that Allah has created a spouse especially  for him only. A partner who he will share his days with and his problems.

She wants to get married 

He wants to get married 

he loves her

she loves him

his family hates her

her mother is against it

his family is not religious

her family is religious.

her family is middle class 

his family is rich

what happens when families come between two lovebirds?

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sadia_ahmed sadia_ahmed Jul 24, 2017
dear. the story seems to be very interesting but there are some faults in your writing. 
                              too much typos, use grammarly
Blueeyefatima Blueeyefatima Aug 23, 2017
This story is so beautiful i m loveing every update Ma Sha'AllAh
marwo128 marwo128 Jul 03
Oh that is the condition of life but the folk don't understand what kind of type the life will gain for it if they are not satisfy what Lord destined