My Possessive Hot Professor (Possessive Series #2) #Wattys2017

My Possessive Hot Professor (Possessive Series #2) #Wattys2017

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Maria Aila ♕ By Keyydot Completed

Lauren Cassidy Imperial, a junior college student who later had a very exciting yet complicated life after she met the 'God's gift to women' hot professor, Shiloh Seth Montreal. Every girl in the campus swoon over him. Including HER. But the hot professor befriends everyone... except HER.

 Let's find out together how will Cupid spare the hearts of Shiloh Seth Montreal and Lauren Cassidy Imperial as we go along their journey towards a lifetime :)

My Possessive Hot Professor
by: Keyydot
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kissabale kissabale Dec 07, 2017
Hindi ko siya mabasa kahit na download kuna sa library..ku..bkit ?
JanineBernardo2 JanineBernardo2 Sep 01, 2017
Naakaka halay nmn ung picture..ahahaha..sarap...init ng pandesal
ber_seg112777 ber_seg112777 Dec 12, 2016
Sana mag Update kn author lagi ako nagiintay s update mo salamat
beautifullheeme beautifullheeme Nov 04, 2016
Sana this time mas natagal ang chasing part ng character. Yung intense Miss A! Please...
MickeyRob3 MickeyRob3 Sep 10, 2016 
                              I recommend this so interesting..enjoy reading!
ArgieMRCRA05 ArgieMRCRA05 Jan 03, 2017
Excited akong basahin ito!!!! I really love Teacher-Student relationship!!!!!!!