Tiptoe { Allenski }

Tiptoe { Allenski }

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-_- By destielinski Updated Sep 02, 2016

flash season 2 / teen wolf season 5a

When Stiles moves away from home to escape his nightmares and his guilt, he meets Barry Allen who he cannot seem to stay away from.

When Barry meets Stiles, he immediately falls for him. Hard. But can he tiptoe around him for ever, or will he drag him down into his dangerous and fast paced world?

With Zoom at large, and meta-humans popping up to kill him, Barry has to make a decision.



That's what it was at first. I had to step cautiously, and go slowly, which is hard for me, considering.

I had to tiptoe round him at first, even to this day I'm cautious.

When he came storming into my life, clumsy, loud and inconsiderate, he was broken. A broken shell that had me in love with him faster than I could run.

And that's fast.

But then my feet got swollen with this ache, and I couldn't tiptoe any longer.

But it turns out he was tiptoeing too, and he kept secrets, just like me.

So we were both broken tiptoes, in our world of secrets, and somehow- we made each other whole.


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