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In the long awaited sequel, Revealed follows Hermione and Draco's story as they begin their lives together. When their story book ending seems so close in the time following their wedding, life decides to turn things upside down for the couple. Draco and Hermione will have to learn the hard lessons that life has it ups and downs and if they can't, they may risk everything they have worked so hard for. They will have to learn that if they want to have a happily ever after, they will have to work together or give up on each other. After all they have been through, can Hermione and Draco really give up? But sometimes, giving up is the only option. 

Sequel to Masked, a Dramione Fanfiction 

Note: May contain some mature and adult themes (warnings will be given)

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Stary73 Stary73 Mar 22
Excuse me, sorry to bother you, but you do not say that both bride and groom are named Draco Malfoy, unless they truly are both called that. As far as I am concerned, your significant other's first name does not become your middle name.
I died this is my Dream for Harry Potter the dream is the Hermione is Hermione Malfoy
LAVENDER?? well I guess that Ron and hermy cleared the blackhead up...
I've met an angel in person darling you look perfect tonight
mooMoo5008 mooMoo5008 Apr 17
I love how a lot of people agree that they didn’t expect lavender to be Hermione’s bridesmaid