The Intelligent Bad Boy Type

The Intelligent Bad Boy Type

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ThyEnemyCloser By ThyEnemyCloser Updated Aug 03

Ryuu Iijima gets a fully paid scholarship to Ouran Private Academy.
While looking for a quiet place to rest, he enters Music Room 3, and breaks an expensive vase . Now in debt, he is forced to join the host club.  However, what they don't know is that he is the well known young prodigy. The CEO and founder of one of the most powerful companies in the world. And with his bad boy personality that can rival the Shadow King's, what chaos does he bring to the Host Club? And who will manage to win his heart?

(I don't own OHSHC, just my own characters)

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Teito07 Teito07 Jul 05
Would like to have a school like that where school uniform are recommended to wear instead of needing to wear one.
Why does his hair and eyes remind me of Ciel Phantomhive? 😂😂
I already know english and spanish (it's my main language) and going to learn japanese and italian
- - Jul 12
Portuguese, French and English are the languages I known. But isn't Latin a instinct language ? I mean there's no instructions to learn it practilly anywhere , make me wonder how he learnt it.
Well damn...He knows all those languages yet it take me forever to get used to one word in German!?WHY!?😭
rap-hottie rap-hottie Jul 01
I can speak English & Spanish fluently. I want to learn French, Korean, Japanese, and Greek.