Puppies and Princes ❤️ (boyxboy) Benlos

Puppies and Princes ❤️ (boyxboy) Benlos

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Blue By bluefirekryptonite Updated Sep 18, 2017

BENLOS fanfic well since the kids of the isle went to auradon carlos' eyes felt fixed on those blue eyes of prince ben.. Ben and Carlos immediately became close... But what if the love potion mal gave him took a sudden turn.. FIND OUT  

Note: i dont own these characters their from disney its just a fanfic.. 

And pls if u dont read boyxboy turn away :)

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Naruto295 Naruto295 Apr 10, 2017
You think you are as straight as a pole but you are as straight as a rainbow
CarleeMac6296 CarleeMac6296 Jun 29, 2017
Having no quotation marks threw me off,  it took a minute but I was able to read it.