Dancing Girl ||BTS fanfic||

Dancing Girl ||BTS fanfic||

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Trufflerabbit13 By Trufflerabbit13 Updated Jul 26, 2017

Having to babysit your siblings is never easy. Especially if they're energetic, trouble causing triplets. 

That's what Yu-mi Kudo-Bang (Yoo-mi) has to do when she and her siblings go visit her grandparents and Uncle in South Korea. That shouldn't be a problem right? Nothing undo-able. 


Now if you thrown in 7 other boys with energy equal to the triplets, then we may have a problem.....

3 months of panic and confusion. 


"Mizuki! Kazuki! Hazuki!!! Don't do that!!! AHHHHHHH!!! DON'T YOU DARE JOIN THEM TAEHYUNG!!!!!"

||Smut may be included in later chapters||

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minsuwon minsuwon Jan 12
                              i have a brother that is 2 months old.
                              and three sisters.
                              i am 12 yo
                              one of them is 18
                              another one is 21
                              and the oldest is 23 i think...
OMGitsthatgamergirl OMGitsthatgamergirl Aug 06, 2017
I SEARCHED FOR THIS FOR A LONGGGG TIME AND I FINALLY FOUND IT !! I actually read it all but I don't mind reading such an amazing story btw i was searching this to support the story and I read it online but I could vote on it 😪 but now I can !!!         
cinnaminsuga cinnaminsuga Jul 21, 2017
My younger cousin is 7 and she weighs more than me I'm 13 and 110lbs
suga_tea suga_tea Jul 21, 2017
AUTHOR, I just found u ten minutes and IN LUV WITH ALL UR STORIES
xAquax347 xAquax347 Jul 16, 2016
I'm like reading this at 1am -u- and While I'm at it, I'm also drinking Gatorade :P #ARMY
reandayo reandayo Sep 14, 2016
Lol yes. My younger siblings weight too much for my arms to handle, though several years earlier I could carry both on each of my arms 😂