Percy Jackson: The Guardian

Percy Jackson: The Guardian

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Percy was betrayed by the ones he loves most. Now he has a decision, Become the Guardian of the hunt, or try and survive on his own.

***I know this has been done a multiple of times, I just wanted to make some of my own changes to the plot. Some stories have a rushed beginning and I don't like the way they play it out.***

*Shout out to ImfamosSidd he was the one that made me want to write a Pertemis Fanfiction*

(Credit goes to Rick Riordan)

MarcosBotello MarcosBotello Sep 12, 2016
When the title says gaurdian or gaurdian of the hunt there will be pertemis everywhere
DeltaZero0 DeltaZero0 Oct 17, 2016
1st Artemis (Sorry I could not help it) but 2ed love the story. :)
black_rosesa black_rosesa Aug 06, 2016
I would be like "im looking into your mind to see what you have in store for me"
Fanfiction_is_key Fanfiction_is_key Sep 02, 2016
I'd be all like "You know what? Keep it. I'll get another one."
nobody603 nobody603 Aug 17, 2016
Is it wrong that this whole chapter i pictured Percy wit tissue plugged up his nose and wit bloody hands?!
BookishOak BookishOak Jan 10
Council meeting (every ones there even campers.) 
                              Zues: percy jackson your late 
                              Percy: shut it sparky
                              Zeus: ok ok
                              Percy: good