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Septiplier School Smut

Septiplier School Smut

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FlyingSmut By FlyingSmut Updated Jul 20, 2016

School septiplier smut~
Marks a jock and jacks a school nerd.
But somehow they fall in love

itsoyaXD itsoyaXD Feb 07
Oooohh oh Lord of Lord bring me throught this ship without making me drown in the sea of fangirling
Sandstorm325 Sandstorm325 Oct 18, 2016
Oh that's great, terrific skills Mark kiss someone without learning their name amazing job! *claps sarcastically*
ReptilianDaddy ReptilianDaddy Aug 26, 2016
That's what you'll be screaming tonight (Insert Lenny Face here because I don't have one of those fancy keyboards)
Smol_Bear__ Smol_Bear__ Oct 21, 2016
They literally just met, weirdest book ever but I 
                              Like it
Makiplier_Wifey0101 Makiplier_Wifey0101 Nov 01, 2016
Aren't they in like 6th grade or something right now?🙄😶
leopard5050 leopard5050 Aug 05, 2016
I was thinking immediately 'that's what she said' then I fully realised my brain said that and then I inhaled a bunch of air and start chocking on nothing