Poison ✔️

Poison ✔️

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Micah By TheGaySin Completed

*****Male on Male action*****

Zachary Flynn lives at home with his abusive mother and older brother, with no way of leaving the wretched place he is forced to call home, Zachary doesn't give up. Keeping his mouth tightly sealed about his home life. While working at a small bookshop owned by a friend, he decides to go back to high school to finish his final year in person rather than online. His mother's greed and hatred towards her youngest son becomes stronger with each day passing by, that is until Zachary meets Jake Kendall a twenty-one year old entrepreneur who is filthy rich. Jake seems intrigued by Zachary.  Can Jake save Zachary from his poisonous mother? Or will he become Zachary's new poison?  

Rewrite of Fancy Collars

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