Healing Touch [1] (Healer Series) Wattys 2017

Healing Touch [1] (Healer Series) Wattys 2017

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Michelle P By Chell-P Updated Aug 07

"He thought he was the last of his kind but not anymore."

Nobody truly understood what had happened that day 18 months ago at Donna's Wedding. All that her little sister Alice remembered was a man in a suit and converse trainers. But unknown to her things are about change when she gets dragged alongside her sister for a life changing adventure with an alien called The Doctor.  Not knowing that it would change everything forever...

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Cover by @AverySummers

You sure about that???  ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°
                              Lol Sorry, not sorry
Btw, that trailer AND cover are amazing!! 😍😍😍👏👏👏
One has brown hair, another ginger, and another is blonde.... whow do they look alike the... eh... but... science
Well an older you but hey you get to meet Amy early... *sobs in a dark corner* god damn it stop dying
As always an amazing amount of detail and you never seize to amaze us with your awesome chapters! Love the little intervention of Peter Capaldi, lol! Can't wait to delve deeper into this, I can see Alice is shaping up to be a great dynamic character!
DamnSalvawhore DamnSalvawhore Sep 23, 2016
Peter Capaldi, you sly dog you! Trying to give a sneak peak of the 12th doctor.