The descendant BOOK 1- Severus Snape love story

The descendant BOOK 1- Severus Snape love story

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poopydustbuster By poopydustbuster Completed

She never went to school, but instead worked for the Ministry of magic. However today Dumbledore extends an invitation for her to study 5th year with Harry Potter.          
But why now?

Who is she? And what is this hold she has over her potions Professor?

This beauty is more than meets the eye. Hogwarts is in store for a real treat this year.

I don't own the Harry Potter series nor any of the characters...etc Just my character.
I wont get into age specifics. Imagine she somewhere around 17ish and Snapes 30-45. I know some people get weird with the age gap. Its sort of a student/teacher thing. BUT shes of age and its not an erotic novel, so ya'll calm down :P

Cool that you added Lockhart I always thought that he was so funny being the idiot he is !
Rumbelle123 Rumbelle123 May 22
I like the story so far and I really like this Silver character. Please write more on this story.
Always fun to have the sort of character with a sense of Idiocracy...
Well I think it would be so funny if he flirts with her idk 😂😂 Sevy will be so jealous
Always_Snivellus Always_Snivellus Aug 04, 2016
It's always fun to see how Lockhart screws up and Snape het's annoyed with him 😅