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"I will allow  you to keep the house." He said standing an inch away from her, "but on one condition." He continued.

Hope surged through her system , " what is it?" She asked.

A cynical smile replaced his angered expression ,causing her to frown. "Sleep with me." He said.

She blinked a few times to catch his words. "W. What?" She whispered.

Nikos inched closer to her evading her personal space ,forcing her to shift back, trapping her along as she hit the wall. He placed both his hands on either side of her head, stopping her from further escape. "I said you have to sleep with me if you want the house back love"

He was adamant about taking revenge, revenge  from her. He wanted to crush her just like she had done to him 5 years ago, leaving him alone, standing at the altar. Now he was back fully prepared to seek out his revenge. He wanted to ruin her.

She was a widow. After her husband's demise, she thought the bad phase of her life has finally come to an end ,until his return .

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AatishaKhatun AatishaKhatun Jun 14, 2016
Interesting n attractive story concept 
                              I really like the idea of yours on your stories😃 hope soon you will update
anyworth anyworth Jun 17, 2016
See not to be rude or anything but just an advice if u appreciate take it or don't ,please change the cover...its blurry and sorry to say does not do justice to the amazing story line ...The first appeal of the story for some like me besides the storyline is the cover.. ya that's all I suppose.
IshikaVerma IshikaVerma Jun 13, 2016
Oh! God it's awesome. Can't wait for the next update....plz update ASAP.
thedefinitionofdumb thedefinitionofdumb Jul 24, 2016
Why on earth would he not read the letter? I bet later on in the story he reads it and it explains why she left him and he regrets everything he did to her
Mubeenaprincess Mubeenaprincess Jun 17, 2016
hy i have published a book the innocent emma please have a look on that too
- - Jul 01, 2016
friendly advice please try to write this story as first person's pov.