Angel (X-Men) A New Beginning

Angel (X-Men) A New Beginning

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raisingirl By jessicahde Completed

A romantic story between Angel from X-Men Apocalypse and Reader.
Mostly romance!

The story takes place a few weeks after the end of Apocalypse. Angel is alive and is part of the school with Storm and the others.

I do not own the characters.

PS: if you see any mistakes or sentences that are not in a very good English, tell me about it. (I'm not a native English speaker)

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GirlSmarties GirlSmarties Jun 23, 2017
I like this! I have the biggest crush on Warren/Archangel and as soon as I typed this in, my eyes went big and read this first chapter XD
EthanDark1 EthanDark1 May 27, 2017
EthanDark1 EthanDark1 May 27, 2017
I do the same thing so I avoid looking at people and simply at walls or something else. People get creeped out too easily.
SuperheroLocoFan SuperheroLocoFan Aug 26, 2017
WELL. No wonder everyone avoids him. Archangel means Angel of Death and his nickname is Archangel meaning the peps think he brings death.
AngelicFireFox AngelicFireFox Sep 04, 2017
O great I just got used to saying jean as jawn for attack on titan......... fml
LadyStardust56 LadyStardust56 May 08, 2017
I just finished your story and it was awesome! I actually just started writing a Angel/Warren story too.