I did it for you (Lucifer fanfic)

I did it for you (Lucifer fanfic)

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Jennifer Morning By Love_has_me_confused Updated Jun 24

Lucifer is battling a way to defeat the darkness, whilst searching for an adequate weapon of mass destruction, he comes across an old series of memories that turn around and slap him in the face and spin him back into reality. Suddenly Lucifer finds himself showing a side of his personality that hasn't broke the surface since the dawn of time. As the Winchesters work with the Devil and the other archangels to defeat their Aunt, they find it hard to believe that Satan is growing soft and showing happiness, dare they even say... Love. 

// This Fanfic is set in season 11 after Lucifer escapes the cage. It starts of as Lucifer possessing Castiel but very quickly he turns to his former vessel Nick. 

I only own three of the original Characters in this Fanfic, the rest belongs to Supernatural.

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FeelzMaster FeelzMaster May 06, 2017
Yes it belongs to Voldemort, Crowley. Bc Voldemort has a hand of God... *slow applause*
FeelzMaster FeelzMaster May 06, 2017
Dean stop denying your true sexuality. You love that blue eyed trench coated angel
FeelzMaster FeelzMaster May 06, 2017
FeelzMaster FeelzMaster May 06, 2017
Wow Dean, I always knew you would ruin something important for Sam. I'm kidding.. I kid
I seriously need to see them standing next to each other showing the real color of their eyes... But given the recent events in season 13... *sighs* I guess I'll never see it.
KittyHazelnut KittyHazelnut Dec 16, 2016
Crowley has to agree now, just to see what Lucifer cares so much about