Emerald [Cedric Diggory]

Emerald [Cedric Diggory]

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Cue the Beat Drop By AustensGrudge Updated Nov 23, 2017

Most muggleborns, when they enter the wizarding world are daunted to say the least. But not Maya Caufield. 

Maya had been raised to believe that she deserved the world, and she wasn't about to sit back and admit defeat just because she was in unfamiliar territory - to her it just meant there was more to conquer.

It was a small wonder that she ended up in Slytherin. 

Muggleborn Slytherins are a rare occurrence- which only adds to their infamy. No one seems to trust them. After all, there are not a lot of eleven year olds whose cunning and ambition are potent enough to make the sorting hat disregard Salazar Slytherin's only direct instruction.

Add that to her take-no-shit attitude and vivid blue eyes, and the students have already dubbed her the 'ice queen of Hogwarts'. 

Isolated and ostracized, Maya has long since learned how to navigate the school with only her best friend to keep her company. But what happens when a certain Hufflepuff seeker tries to change that? 


Basically, this story is what happened when I asked myself, 'What if you took a stereotypical Slytherin- money, good breeding, ambition, arrogance- and made her muggleborn?' 

[The story starts during the trio's third year.] 

Note: none of the pictures or gifs belong to me unless specifically mentioned!

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_episkey _episkey Jan 25
I don’t mean any offense to the writer I love this story so far but it’s goblins not dwarves