Elements Academy (Book One)

Elements Academy (Book One)

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Nicole Finch, a Fire Elemental with the ability to control the single Element of Fire. She's finally come of age to join a school for others like her. Where the people can control one of the main four elements: Fire, Water, Air or Earth, or the Half-Elements: Dust, Mist, Smoke or Ice. It's supposed to be a peaceful school where Elementals learn to control their powers.

But a new danger has risen. Evil Elementals - a race of ancient Elementals that are thought to be extinct. Nocturna, a girl that once attended Elements Academy in secret is freed from her prison in the shadows and, with her abilities over the Evil Elements: Blood, Shadows, Lightning and Storms, she's wavering on the edge of sanity. Not to mention poor Nicole can't even use her ability.

Is this peaceful school turning into a minefield?

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