Elements Academy (Book One)

Elements Academy (Book One)

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яαναииαн ¢яσѕѕ (ιик-¢нαи) By RavenTheKitteh Completed


Nicole Finch, a Fire Elemental with the ability to control the single Element of Fire. She's finally come of age to join a school for others like her. Where the people can control one of the main four elements: Fire, Water, Air or Earth, or the Half-Elements: Dust, Mist, Smoke or Ice. It's supposed to be a peaceful school where Elementals learn to control their powers.

But a new danger has risen. Evil Elementals - a race of ancient Elementals that are thought to be extinct. Nocturna, a girl that once attended Elements Academy in secret is freed from her prison in the shadows and, with her abilities over the Evil Elements: Blood, Shadows, Lightning and Storms, she's wavering on the edge of sanity. Not to mention poor Nicole can't even use her ability.

Is this peaceful school turning into a minefield?

Copyright (c) RAVANNAH CROSS 2013 All Rights Reserved

DoggyA13R DoggyA13R Jul 12
Hmm. Can I come? I don't care if I can't control an element (maybe. Still not 13. Don't report.) I just wanna watch all the drama go down.
matteoyo matteoyo Feb 24, 2016
What about the ability to control plants? I guess that's basically controlling lives whereas these abilities control inanimate objects. Nvm.
- - Sep 26, 2016
Lol i was gonna write a book called element academy its not lile this though
pancake_storm pancake_storm Feb 16, 2016
Just because there were houses in one book doesn't mean another can't have them too
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 20, 2015
There's so much here. There's not much if anything I would change. Incredible work. Have my vote, you deserve it!
accio_broadway accio_broadway May 11, 2015
Also so this book sounds creepily like mine even though when I started writing it, I didn't even know this one existed. Weird.