monster ૪ vhope

monster ૪ vhope

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❀ By blowkook Updated 5 days ago

hoseok temporary job doesn't seem to be so exciting as the first day anymore since he meet his master.

+ contain smut, violence and rape 
+ if you feel uncomfortable with this please don't read it at all
+ boy×boy

Cover by @kinkyoongi

Yes........ top taehyung is my life......god ive been waiting my whole life
Bangtology Bangtology 4 days ago
Shīt fam, I'm about to turn 19 and I honestly prefer this stuff over fluffy stuff.
The only thing I could say is..God bless ya for creating this story.. XD I haven't read it yet but I'm so excited for it!! <3
DaunKering_ DaunKering_ Jul 31
Im corious ugh,i feel something terible will come in hobi ,its bdsm? Bottom hoseok is lifeuu
AsianArmy AsianArmy Sep 27
I found myself reading another one of your book since I'm waiting for the other 😂
Lol one i haven't read a lot of bottom Hoseok and two when does he not cry tbh 😂😂😂